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Thanks to implementing cutting edge technology, we give our customers a reliable, secure and user friendly system. Due to the module structure of the system, the client has full control of the website and freedom to implement updates, extend their product and improve its functionality.

The list of modules to design a bespoke CMS system


CMS ALP VISUAL PLUS was created using HTML, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript and MySQL, as well as cascading style sheets CSS. Our CMS has been implemented hundreds of times, and has proven to be advanced, intuitive and flexible in action. The system is SEO friendly, too.

Intuitive system

We have been developing and testing our system over many years. Our customers' feedback, and our own brainstorming of idea, have allowed us to create a cutting edge technology and a user friendly system.

Modularity of the System

The modularity of CMS ALPVISUAL PLUS is designed to allow additional functions, changes and implemantations at any moment in time.

Versatility of the system

Our stable, efficient and comprehensive system allows you to fully manage your website and lets you manage your customers' queries. SEO modules have also been implemented into the system.


Catalogue Number - 1

This module enables you to easily manage a news update on your home page. You can edit the text with a user friendly WYSIWYG editor, an application similar to other well known office editors. With the help of WYSIWYG pictures and files (doc, xls, pdf, zip) can be attached to your news updates. Added news items can be displayed chronologically or can be custom selected..

We use innovative solutions like AJAX (Java Script + XML) that gives multiple options in managing and displaying news updates on the website. We have the freedom to manage, modify, and change our news feed, knowing that its functionality and design is of the highest quality.

Add to Favourites

Catalogue Number - 2

This module allows you to quickly add a new tab to your browser so you can store it and easily access the page whenever you want to.

Category structure management

Catalogue Number - 3

Module allowing you to build (adding, removing, modifying) categories on your website.

Determining order of the categories

Catalogue Number - 4

This module allows the service administrator to easily change the order of the categories (by dragging them to a place where you want them to be).


Catalogue Number - 5

Thanks to this module you can post unlimited character articles on your home page. It also gives you an option to add graphic files (pictures) and videos. All the added pictures, articles and videos can be displayed in either a chronological order, or you can choose their order of appearance.

Search Engine

Catalogue Number - 6

Module allowing visitors to thoroughly search your website according to key words or phrases.

It searches all the pages and news updates.

Contact form

Catalogue Number - 7

Form allowing an internet user to send the website owner an e-mail, directly from the website, without opening the outside email provider. The recipient e-mail address can be changed at any point by the service admin.

Search engine optimization SEO

Catalogue Number - 8

Module allowing you to edit key words, descriptions and headlines, putting your business ahead of your competitiors in search engines.


Catalogue Number - 9

Module allowing you to create systems of characters and key words assigned, for example, to specific information or multimedia files.

Privacy Policy

Catalogue Number - 10

A document informing internet users about how their personal data is collected and how it is going to be used.

RSS feed

Catalogue Number - 11

Module delivering regular updates on changing web content directly to internet users wanting to stay informed. You also save time by not visiting each site individually, to know what changes have occured.

Service Map

Catalogue Number - 12

Built using JavaScript and PHP innovative technology, this tree-shaped map clearly presents the whole structure of the website. Allows you to easily find even the least accessible pages.

Thanks to PHP technology it automatically updates any new elemnts added by admin

Font size

Catalogue Number - 13

Module allowing you to choose one out of three font sizes.


Catalogue Number - 14

Favicon - short for favourite icon - is a small icon associated with a particular website, displayed in the address bar of a browser. It helps to distinguish our site from all the standard websites on the market.

Printing articles

Catalogue Number - 15

This printer friendly module can be activated with every article. It allows you to quickly print a currently displayed webpage, not including the graphics (saving your ink).


Catalogue Number - 16

Module allowing an Internet user visiting your website to send an email to another user, via your site, without having to use a third party e-mail provider. The form for sending messages consists of recipient's e-mail address, name, surname, sender's e-mail address and a short info about the recommended article.

Saving articles as pdf

Catalogue Number - 17

Module allowing you to save articles in pdf format. It can be activated with every single article.

Did you know?

Catalogue Number - 18

Module allowing you to manage short messages usually starting from: 'did you know?'

Short, interesting, querky texts displayed in a random order and in a strategic place to attract users' attention.

Multimedia (video)

Catalogue Number - 19

Module managing video files on your website. Allowing you to quickly add or remove the files and to change their name. Comments can be added to all the video files.

Picture gallery

Catalogue Number - 20

Module managing all the picture galleries. Lets you quickly add/remove pictures to/from a gallery, and allows you to rename a gallery.

You can add a comment to every picture. After clicking the minature picture it can either enlarge to its full size, or you can be redirected to a different website.


Catalogue Number - 21

In-built player allows you to listen to music and audio files

Files to download

Catalogue Number - 22

This module lets you attach different types of files. Graphic files are displayed in a thumbnail form, and can be enlarged to their full size. Other files are displayed under their names, comment and an icon allowing you to immedilately recognise their format.

Dynamic links module

Catalogue Number - 23

Thank to this module you can make connections between different modules, such as news, categories, galleries, banners and forms. You can place your module easily on the website and manage it from the admin panel. It is possible to define how different elements should be linked together; for example a message can be displayed as a banner.

Script for enlarging pictures

Catalogue Number - 24

This script allows you to enlarge images on your website when you hover over it with a mouse

Water mark

Catalogue Number - 25

Thanks to this module you can add a little company logo into your picture

Number of people online

Catalogue Number - 26

This module displays the number of people currently visiting your website.

Password reminder

Catalogue Number - 27

This module allows you to retrieve forgotten passwords. The user needs to click the 'I forgot my password' button and fill in a short form entering an email address to which a password will be sent.

On-Screen Keyboard

Catalogue Number - 28

Additional security feature for people logging in from a different computer. Thanks to an on-screen keyboard your password is protected from so called 'key loggers' - that is programmes or devices monitoring the characters typed from a traditional keyboard. To use your on-screen keyboard you need to click the icon next to a password box.

Login diary

Catalogue Number - 29

Module registering all the login attempts to the admin panel, tracking any IP adresses of computers attempting unauthorised access.

Advanced visitor analysis

Catalogue Number - 30

The external analysis provides advanced visitor segmentation statistics delivered by a server, showing you key words or phrases that helped the internet user to find you, what search engine was used, and how many visits there were each day of the month. Internal statistics show you which parts of your service are most popular.

Automated logout

Catalogue Number - 31

This module allows you to set a default time of inactivity, after which you will be automatically logged out if no actions were taken. This option lets you protect your privacy; if the admin login was unintentional, no one will be able to access your information.

Change registry

Catalogue Number - 32

Module registering all the changes made by the admin.

Recommend us

Catalogue Number - 33

This module allows you to recommend a website or an article to another internet user without accessing your own email address but by filling in a form with the receiver's email address, name, surname and an opinion on the service visited.


Catalogue Number - 34

Module allowing you to make notes and type information into an admin panel. Text is visible to the administrator only.

QR Code

Catalogue Number - 35

Creating and placing QR Code in website URL. Becoming increasingly more popular with apps and mobile devices.

Interactive map

Catalogue Number - 36

Module installing simple and easy to read interactive Google maps.

Language option

Catalogue Number - 37

Thanks to this module you can change the language of your website by clicking a symbol of a language you want.

Users and terms & conditions

Catalogue Number - 38

Thanks to this module you can easily define the rights of the users, make them the administrator or moderator, and state which parts of your website they can independently manage.


Catalogue Number - 39

Gives the internet user an option to place adverts.


Catalogue Number - 40

Module allowing you to post a message, for example, a welcome note to internet users, which turns into a 'floating' neon hovering over the site.


Catalogue Number - 41

Module allowing you to create calendar events. The admin creates the date and event details and puts it into the calendar. It is then displayed on the main page. After clicking on the marked day, a message describing an event is being displayed.

Advanced search

Catalogue Number - 42

Module allowing the internet users to search the service according to key words and phrases as well as categories, items, prices and producers.

Headline animation

Catalogue Number - 43

Thanks to this module you can place a mobile application in a headline, using a script and not a standard flash.

Scrollbar script - slider

Catalogue Number - 44

A scrolled strip at the bottom of the page presenting your service partners. Clicking on each logo redirects you to their website.

Recommended links

Catalogue Number - 45

A scrolled strip at the bottom of the page presenting your service partners. Clicking on each logo redirects you to their website.

Banner management system

Catalogue Number - 46

Module allowing interactive banners management. Any graphic file or flash animation can be added as a banner. The banners are displayed on the home page. It is possible to set a specific time when the banner is meant to appear (for example a banner with Women's Day wishes appearing only once a year) and the percentage frequency of appearing of all the added banners. The effectivnes of each action can be measured by advanced statistics.

Guest book

Catalogue Number - 47

Module allowing the internet users to express their opinion about the service or its owner. The book is fully moderated by the admin, and consists of anti-spam filter, recognising key words or phrases that will be automatically rejected.


Catalogue Number - 48

Module allowing you to send pictures from a gallery to a friend. Fill in and sign a short form to define who the receiver is. The card reaches the receiver's mail box and contains the information about the sender and a site from which it was sent. It also allows you to quickly go the website's gallery.

Changing the colour scheme

Catalogue Number - 49

This module allows you to easily change the colour scheme of your website.


Catalogue Number - 50

Module allowing the sending of newsletters to Internet users who agree to receive them by filling out a form on the webpage. Created messages are kept in an archive and can be sent to many users simoultanously. Every message includes an opt-out allowing the user to unsubscribe easily without having to contact the admin.

On-line consultant

Catalogue Number - 51

Placing a virtual consultant on your website who presents short and interesting pieces of information to your visitors.

Discussion forum

Catalogue Number - 52

Advanced discussion forum with an extensive admin panel. The admin can control every aspect of the forum, for example: moderate it, choose to have a log in option (or lack of it) to participate in the discussion, giving rights and priviledges to individual users, as well as certain responsibilities, managingthe forum's different sections and blocking users. Every single user manages their own profile and can add avatars ( a small graphic file representing you in an online environment ).

Task diary

Catalogue Number - 53

Functionality available to the administrator, allowing the entering of activities planned for the month, week and day, including a breakdown for the hour. This virtual diary reminds you about to- do-tasks.

Facebook - Project and Implemantation

Catalogue Number - 54

System integrated with your client's facebook profile. Creating a facebook profile is included in the service we provide

Twitter - Project and Implemantation

Catalogue Number - 55

System integrated with your client's twitter profile. Creating a twitter profile is included in the service we provide

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